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Check Out The Benefits Of Bossom Feeding To The Mother And Baby

Bossom feeding can be described as the process of feeding one's infant with the nature's perfect food (milk). It boost the baby's physical and mental development. The interesting part that most mothers are ignorant of is that, Bossom feeding protects their own health as well. The benefits or advantages of this process to the mother and baby will be discussed in this article.

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Benefits Of Bossom Feeding To The Mother:

1 Lowers the risk of bossom and ovarian cancer

2 Saves money: feeding your baby with the natural milk doesn't require money

Photo Credit: University Hospital

3 Connects you with your baby

4 Enhances the loss of pregnancy fat or weight

Photo Credit: Happy family organics

5 Lowers the risk of osteoporosis

6 Delays menstruation

Photo Credit: March of dimes

7 Lowers the risk of postpartum depression

Photo Credit: Net doctor

8 Triggers the shrinking of the uterus back to pre pregnancy size

Benefits Of Bossom Feeding To The Baby:

1 Provides your baby with colostrum

Photo Credit: News Medical

2 Protects infants from disease

3 Prevents obesity

Photo Credit: UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

4 It's easy for baby's body to break down: causes less diarrhea and constipation

5 Makes your baby smart

Photo Credit: First cry parenting

6 Reduces lymphoma and leukemia

Photo Credit: Parents

7 Enhances the health of premature babies

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