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8 Ways To Foster Stronger Bonds Between Your Kids

All parents want their children to enjoy each other's company and to look out for one another. Here are some ideas for strengthening sibling bonds and fostering a solid, long-lasting connection.

1. Talk about feeling.

To help kids develop the language they need to talk about their emotions, use feeling words in your everyday talks. Read books about feelings, pause movies to examine the feelings of the characters, and make a list of moments when you've felt different emotions.

2. Try not to referee fights

Sibling quarrels are not entertaining to listen to. They do, however, teach children how to negotiate and resolve conflicts. Another advantage of allowing them to learn to resolve their conflicts on their own? They won't accuse you of favoritism or always siding with one of the kids. Make sure you listen to all sides (sympathetically). But then emphasize that you're confident they'll come up with a decent answer on their own.

3. Show no favoritism

It's easy to favor one of your children over the other. It's only natural that you'll identify with one more than the others or that you'll give one the benefit of the doubt more often. It's also tempting to point out who's acting the best, saying things like, "Well, if you all acted more like your brother, we'd be able to do more enjoyable things together."When you pick a favorite, though, no one wins. Perceived favoritism has been shown to promote sibling conflict in studies. It can have a long-term effect, preventing them from bonding as adults, even after you've stopped picking favorites. According to research, childhood memories of partiality impede siblings from maintaining a close relationship as adults.

4. Encourage quality time together.

People become closer when they share great experiences. As a result, it's critical to provide opportunities for siblings to interact and have fun with one another.Take note of the activities they enjoy and the times when they play well together, whether it's coloring together or playing in the park. Then, to help them bond, arrange more of these activities. When your children are of a different age or have wildly different interests, this might be difficult. However, there are always methods to create positive family time—you just have to be a little inventive.

5. Make your own family traditions.

Have pizza and movie nights once a week. Maybe your family holds its own Olympic games every summer, complete with fictitious events. Alternatively, plan a weeken outing in which everyone participates. These kind of activities help to develop lasting friendships by creating memories and a shared past.

6. Set the tone for closeness from the heart

When a new baby enters the family, it's tempting to warn curious siblings to keep their distance. However, the infant is tougher than you believe, and those clumsy hugs and kisses from siblings and sisters are developing a link and a strong sense of belonging. Allow them to snuggle with a little aid, and show even young big brothers and sisters some basic infant care duties they can do to assist in the care of their baby.

7. Encourage collaboration rather than competition.

While saying things like "Let's see who can clean their room the fastest" may make you feel like the family is being more productive, putting the kids against each other is a horrible idea. Instead of competing, concentrate on cooperating. Discuss how you're all on the same team and how you can all aid one another. Everyone can learn to cooperate when you work as a family. So instead of saying, "Let's not be the last one out the door!" you may instead, "Let's see how we can all get out the door on time this morning. You may also assign them assignments to complete together, such as making a card for Grandma or going on a scavenger hunt. Assist them in realizing that they function better as a team and don't have to compete for your attention.

8. Remind your children that friends will come and go, but family will always be there for them.

If you notice your child disregarding her siblings in order to focus on her bestie, make an attempt to entice them back to the family. Friendships are fantastic, but family bonds last a lifetime and should be cultivated as well.

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