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Pregnancy period

Why All Pregnant Women Must Go For HIV Test During Gestation Period?

HIV weakens a person's immune system, reducing their ability to fight infections and cancers. A person can get HIV by coming into contact with an infected person's body fluids. So it is important that every pregnant woman must know her HIV status as early as possible. According to Web MD, this article will help reveal the main reason why HIV test is needed during pregnancy.

Doctors recommend all pregnant women get tested for HIV, to help prevent the spread of the virus to your unborn baby. Also, steps can be taken during delivery to prevent spreading the infection. Some studies show women can further reduce the risk of spreading the virus to their baby by having a cesarean section before their water breaks.

With treatment, though, the chances of passing along HIV to a baby are very low. Getting treatment for the viral infection will also help ensure a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and future. The earlier the virus is detected, the better the treatment can work.

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