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Should Parents Still Beat Their Children Anytime They Make Mistakes?

Child training and parenting is one of the most difficult task to take up. This is mainly because children are naturally unlearned and naive and to take this nativity away from a child, a lot of work has to be done. Almost every parent, if not all, wants to instill good morals and good behavior in their children but unfortunately not every parent knows how to properly do this.

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Some parents today believe that the most proper way to train a child aright and instill good morals and behaviours in them is by hitting, spanking or beating them each time they make mistakes. This is not always true. The truth is, beating a child could adversely affect the child's physical and mental health, which might not be so good.

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A child that is always being beaten by his parents might begin to develop fear for them and this is probably some thing you wouldn't want from your child as a parent. A child who is afraid of his parents will not be comfortable around them. That child will not open minded with you, he wouldn't want to tell you about anything because he's afraid of you.

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A lot of things could go wrong when a child begins to fear his parents so it is best to avoid it. There are several effective ways children can be trained and some of them are:

1. Light punishments: Punishments don't always have to be physical. You can start by preventing the child from watching a particular TV series he likes, or not buying him his favourite snack or food, or preventing him from playing with his mates.

2. Educating them subtly about the dangers of a particular thing

When a child is rightfully aware of the dangers of a particular action, he or she will think twice before doing it.

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3. Giving them rewards when they do something right

Giving children rewards when they act right is a simple way of encouraging them to do better. The child would always want to do more good things because he knows he'll get a reward for it.

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