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How to burb your baby

Photo Credit: Verywell

When gas bubbles become stuck in your baby's stomach during feeding, they can cause discomfort and a feeling of fullness and burping can assist the passage of gas bubbles up the esophagus and out the mouth. If you notice your baby is cranky during or after feeding, it is probably because he or she swallowed gas while feeding making her feel uncomfortable.

Here are safe ways to burb your baby

1 Over Your Shoulder

Photo Credit: wikiHow

 Stand or sit comfortably while slightly reclining and support your baby by placing your hand under their bottom. Make sure they're facing behind you by looking over your shoulder, and rest their chin on a soft towel to absorb any burp spit, and then hold the baby with one hand while burping with the other hand.

2 Sitting on Your Lap

Photo Credit: wikiHow

 Place your baby on your laps with their chest pushing forward, while supporting their chest and head, place your hand beneath their chin and burp them by patting their backs across their shoulders blades.

3 Face-down on your lap

Photo Credit: wikiHow

Lay your baby over your lap facing down with the head up and pat or stroke the back of the baby with one hand while holding her securely with the other.

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