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4 Things Every Father Should Make Out Time to Do For Their Kids

In every family, it has become a common thing for fathers to be more busy than their wives in the name of making money for the family. This makes them have fewer times for their kids.

Once a child starts growing, the father should try as much as possible to make out time from his busy schedule to do these for his child.

1. Give them advice when they are becoming teenagers

When a child starts getting into the period of puberty, there are a lot of changes that happens in his or her body. The mother should tutor the daughters while the father make out time to tutor his sons on the things that comes with becoming a full time teenager.

2. Get involved in their everyday tasks

Engaging yourself into activities such as getting your kids dressed, help them with their home works, help them prepare their hair (girls) and taking them to school before going to work will make the kids to not only rely on the mothers for everything but also consider you.

3. Tell them stories and play games with them

On your free time make it a habit to tell your kids age appropriate stories about your past to them, as they go to bed or even in the morning while you enjoy your free day. This helps a lot in bonding father and child.

4. Help them with their studies

From time to tine, give the mom a break, take up the duty of helping your kids with their homeworks, lessons and help them understand difficult subject. Don't make it a habit to send back home works brought to you by your kids to their mother. It will make the love one sided.

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