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8 Things Girls Need To Hear From Their Mom

I understand how providing for a family can be difficult, especially for the men who perform their responsibilities almost to a fault. But then, the importance of women and their ability to care selflessly for a family is easily overlooked. The presence of a woman in a home is just as crucial as that of a man (if not more).

Children are blessings from God. Those who don't have these unique blessings from God toil day and night looking for solutions. It's one thing to be fortunate enough to have children, it's another thing entirely to be knowledgeable enough to tell them all that they need to hear. Here are 8 things every girl child needs to hear from her mom.

1. Take a good look at your father, use his image to visualize the kind of characteristics you want in a man. He's a good example of what a man should be and how a man should treat a woman. You are smart but young and inexperienced. Choose a man that will treat you like a queen, one who will be worthy of being treated like a king.

2. Have a life your own. It's important to enjoy your own company so that people won't take you for granted. Have hobbies, you could play a sport, learn to play an instrument, become a member of a club or even do volunteer work. All these things will only teach you valuable skills but also make you an independent person.

3. Be dedicated, be motivated, passionate about everything that you do, and whatever career path you choose for yourself. It doesn't always have been about the money. Add value to yourself and money will chase after you. You owe yourself happiness. Your happiness shouldn't be dependent on anyone.

4. Always listen to the advice of elderly ones, especially your mother and father. Because we will never deceive you, or intentionally steer you in the wrong direction at any point. There may be times when we discipline you and make think that we don't have your best interest at heart, but don't take that thought seriously. Because we always do.

5. A friend is someone who has your back and would always stand for you. Everybody cannot be your friend. Know exactly who your real friends are. You need to know when to let go of people and move on with your life. Not everyone is meant to go all the way with you, step by step through life.

6. Learn to leverage on people. I know exactly how hard and risky it is to trust people but sometimes you just have to leverage on people. You need to understand that not everyone will be on your team. Do not worry yourself over pleasing people because you cannot satisfy everybody, don't try to. Like I've already said before always make your happiness a priority and stick to whatever you believe in, no matter what anyone says.

7. Don't just set goals. Make feasible plans for yourself on how to go about achieving your goals. However, always remember that not everything goes as planned. Sometimes things don't work out as we plan and we would just have to go with a plan B or even C. I know how motivational speakers always say having a plan B makes one not invest all energy into achieving goals, and that is understandable. But always have something to fall back on.

8. Do not force yourself on people. What is your will always find its way to you, no matter what? My child, it's important to now to walk away. You can only give so much until it starts to seem like you are compromising your integrity and happiness. Everyone has a limit to what they can take. You also need your limits.

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