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How to develop your baby's ability to reason

The baby's brain develops from birth to three years of age. The infant discovers, learns, and understands new things, such as how to crawl, walk, and how to hold a spoon and feed himself. This is why it is important to teach your child vital cognitive skills such as logic and reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making at this age.

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A child needs to develop such abilities at a young age so that when he grows older and enters the school-going, homework-doing, and exam-giving years, he will be able to overcome educational barriers and readily absorb new concepts.

Here are ways to help your baby develop logic skills

1 Teach the concept of object permanence

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Show him that just because something is concealed doesn't mean it has vanished. This is a significant achievement that will assist your child to develop his reasoning skills at a young age. Play basic games like hiding and seek or peek-a-boo with your child, which may be fun for both of you.

2 Work together to solve difficulties

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You must teach your child how to solve problems on his own. It could be as easy as learning how to open his toy box lid or removing a book from a short stack. Show by example how to overcome these minor stumbling blocks and allow him to attempt on his own after that.

3 Make eating healthily a priority

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In the early years, there is a direct link between nutrition and brain growth. In a way that no amount of external input can, proper eating allows for the necessary nutrients and energy to enhance brain function and development.

4 Encourage a wide range of exploration

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Children are inherently inquisitive and allowing kids to safely explore their curiosity is important to their brain development. Allow your child to roll, shake, rattle, bang, feel, and poke his toys to learn how to use them. This will also help him understand cause and effect like a rattle makes a mild sound, whereas slamming metal spoons together generates a loud sound.

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