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One Thing Parents Fail To Do That Could Affect The Health Of Their Children

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Parents are the protectors of Children after God, Some parents do not have time taking good care of their Children due to work factor. This can affect the Child somehow as he or she would lack parental control, advice and others.

Some parents leave the home very early in the morning even when the children are still sleeping and return late at night.

Due to tiredness after a busy and stressful day at work, some parents go straight to the bed without checking on their Children. This could be bad as a child could be sleeping on a wrong position and twisting his or her body parts.

The repetition of the bad sleeping posture by that child could possibly lead to developing what is called "postural defects."

Postural defects are abnormalities that position the body wrongly. Once it is developed by the child, it becomes part of him or her unless serious attention on correcting the body part is carried out effectively.

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Bad sleeping posture results most times based on what a person does before sleeping. Some can sleep off kneeing down while praying, some sleep off while watching movies, reading or eating on the chair.

These could result to the victim, developing a postural defects. Here are some postural defects a person could develop through bad sleeping posture.

(Photo credit; Hudson Valley Scoliosis)

1. Lordosis; This is a kind of postural defect which is caused by hip deformity. It results from a spinal curvature which is also common to pregnant Women. Lordosis is characterized by an exaggerated forward curving of the spine.

Lying upward and downward in a bad sleeping position could result to an individual developing Lordosis.

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2. Scoliosis; This type of postural defect is a lateral curvature of the central part of the spine. This condition bends the position of the body either sides of the body, the body bends towards left or right side depending on the sleeping position.

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Children could develop any of these defects if they are not checked at night. Regardless of how tired you are as a parent who had a stressful day, make sure you check on your Children at night and position them well while sleeping in order to avoid postural defect or deformity.

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