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Health Benefits Of Sperm To Women

The male reproductive cells popularly known as sperm are one of the most sacrosanct components in a man's body. It is responsible for about 55 percent fertility odds that many people don't know. If a man can not produce healthy sperm it makes it hard for women to get pregnant. 

However, to answer the common questions a lot of people are asking at different levels regarding the benefits of sperm to a woman's body system. In this piece in line with a publication on "Medical News Today", we are going to have some looks at the two health benefits of intercourse to the body system.    

Lowering depressive symptoms

Over the years, medical scientists have found that semen may have positive effects on depression. In this research, women who are always engaged in unprotected intercourse scored lower on a question measuring depressive symptoms than those who used condoms. This shows that the male reproductive cells can help lower the risk of depression in women. 

Reducing stress

The male reproductive cells contain oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter that may help in improving stress-related disorders in women. The reproductive cell is rich in powerful compounds that can help reduce stress levels in the body. 

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