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Don’t Let Any Man Tell You To Give Birth To Children For Him Before Marrying You -Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby men make demands from their girlfriends that they should bare children for them before marriage but the men end up disappointing their ladies after the deed has been completed. These men eventually see less value in their ladies and go for other women and this create an unfair situation.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has warned women not to give birth to children for their men before marriage because children can’t trap a man to stay in marriage.

According to her, such situation is how women become single mothers. Blessing CEO also stated that a lot of women are hawking on the streets to take care of their children because their spouses have refused to take responsibility.

Blessing CEO in a video she posted said;

“Don’t let any man tell you to give birth to children for him before marrying you because a child cannot trap a man. A lot of men have compelled you to get pregnant for them but they cannot train the children. That’s how many of you become single mums.

A lot of women are the ones carrying their homes because the men are not taking responsibility. Many women are hawking in the streets to train their children. You need to know how much a man can take care of you before he takes care of your children.

If you must get pregnant, let it be your choice that you are ready to be a single mum and you have the capacity to train your children. This is because they worst thing that can happen to a mother is for her to be alive and watch her child suffer for something to eat.”

Click the LINK to watch the video.

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