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Parenting Mistakes That May Cause Jealousy in Children

Jealousy in childhood can be triggered by a parent's actions. Children, for example, are frequently eager to please and expect special treatment from their parents. If parents always give one child more attention than the others, a child may grow up with jealousy issues. Here are a few parenting blunders that could lead to resentment.

1. Too much pampering

If you pamper your child excessively, they may feel invincible at home. Uncertainty can set in when a new child joins the family or makes friends with someone who is more strong than them. Children may attribute their anxiety to a new baby or a new acquaintance. When they don't get the attention they want, they may become depressed and develop inferior complexes.

2. Compared with others

Parents should also avoid comparing their children to one another. Judgment and self-doubt are the only outcomes of making comparisons.

3. Expectating beyong their potential

There are individual distinctions among children, just as there are in every person. The nature, intelligence, and talent of one of your children will be radically different from the nature, intelligence, and talent of another child. It's possible that one of your children may be a great singer, while the other will become a great doctor out of medicine Children who have no interest in the medical area cannot be expected to become doctors; if you force them to, they will develop self-doubt. When youngsters doubt their own abilities because their parents make them do things that are above their capabilities, they develop a dread of performing in front of people because they have not been able to perform as expected many times before.

4. Creating unhealthy competition

Comparing the results of youngsters who did the same activity would incite unhealthy competition among them. Even if one youngster is less talented than the other, expecting them to complete the same activity with the same level of precision may lead to resentment.

5. Not paying enough attention to their problems or their feelings.

Ignoring your child's difficulties simply because they are smaller is a huge mistake that every parent does. Despite apparent insignificance, children's difficulties can have a significant impact on their emotional well-being and mental health. Because children are so easily hurt, it's crucial to pay attention to their feelings so they don't grow up believing that no one cares or loves them, which can have a negative impact on their thinking and entire personality.

6. Dealing differently with siblings based on their age

Depending on the order of birth, parents may give more attention to one child than another, which can lead to jealousy among children. For example, a first-born brother may feel resentful of his newly born sister if he sees his parents giving more attention to her.

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