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6 Steps to improve the academic performance of your child.

As a parent, you must have been very much concerned about the poor performance of your child at school. Never worry, but you have to accept the fact that sometimes even the biggest schools might even fail to do the miracle. The learning ability of kids differs, but I bring you this good news, that no child is dull. The current state of your child can take a different dimension if you as the child's parent will be able to take the following bold steps:

1. Make sure your child has a very good foundation in mathematics: Dear parent, it is a proven fact, that kids with good background in this subject are high fliers and are always good in every other subject. To achieve this, you can higher a private tutor that will take your kids on just mathematics. Remember, investing on your kids is the greatest of all investments.

2. Be very close to your child's class teacher: Although your child's class teacher's interest is for every child in the class but not all class teachers are skillful in the learning process of children. For example, proper sitting arrangement matters a lot. That is, two academically challenged children must not be on the same sit. You can monitor who your child is Sitting with through his or her class teacher. Remember iron sharpens iron.

3. Try to know who is their best friend: You can ask your child, who their best friend is. Friends can affect them positively or negatively. Advice them to choose friends that are academically sound. Ask them the best five kids in class, they will tell you. They can choose from any of them.

4. Give your kids some of your time: Always give your kids some of your time. Believe it or not the school or class teacher can not do it all. You can guide them on how to carry out their home works and others. You can ask them all to bring their bags and do routine check on things like; Neatness of their books, handwriting, whether they are really copying notes and even whether the teacher is really doing his or her job. To be plain 90% of teachers currently are even not qualified.

5. Never you do their assignments for them: This is a big blunder most parents and guardian usually engage into for reasons that cannot be justified. Maybe, for their child to come out top. Please stop it and guide them instead.

6. Please always attend P. T. A meetings: This the greatest idea that brings school management, teachers and parents together on how to take the school and your child's academics to the next level. Here you can share any issue with the school management, this will help them do their job better.

Please, this is just a personal opinion as a tutor. You can still write your opinion in the comment. Thanks and please share.

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