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At What Age Should A Child Stop Urinating At Night While Sleeping?

According to healthline Bed-wetting is the medical term for urinating while asleep, whether at night or during the day. It's considered a natural part of a child's growth as he or she learns to manage their bladder, but it can be a pain for parents who have to constantly change their child's clothes.

After a report on Healthline, we'll examine when kids should stop wetting the bed. Relax and gain knowledge at the same time by reading this article.

At what age should a kid stop wetting the bed?

According to studies, children should stop wetting the bed around the ages of 7 and 8. Nonetheless, there are reports of children urinating past the age of seven. Yet, by the time your child is 6, he or she should have learned to control his or her bladder while sleeping.

Everyone has a different biological clock, so if your child still wets the bed after several attempts at stopping, you have no choice but to let it continue. As your child reaches a much older age, such as his teenage years, and still wets the bed, you should start to worry.

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