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Separation anxiety in babies

Whether you're going on a much-needed date night or taking a long trip for work, any separation will be harder on you than it will be on your baby when they're still a newborn. However, everything will change when your baby's separation anxiety kicks in.

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Separation anxiety is a perfectly natural stage of development when you or another trusted caregiver leave your baby with someone strange or unfamiliar and she develops a set of scared, worrisome feelings which leads to crying and subsequent screaming. When this happens, it can feel unexpected and quite distressing, but know that your baby's tears and arm reaching is very normal at this point.

How to recognize the signs of separation anxiety in your baby

1 Constantly leans away from a stranger's hug.

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2 He or she may have difficulties sleeping or refuse to sleep unless you're nearby.

3 When you hand her on to someone new, she starts screaming immediately.

Here are ways to handle separation anxiety in your baby

1 Make it a habit to leave

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 You can relieve your own tension by taking an hour or two away from your baby every day, this way your baby will become accustomed to the idea that when you leave, you will always return.

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2 Separation anxiety can be increased by hunger, so leaving shortly after your baby nurses or eats may be beneficial.

3 Establish a routine

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Babies thrive when placed on routines so creating a routine for when you leave and return helps your baby manage her anxiety. For example, when you leave, sing her a special song, and when you return, give her a long hug and a new song.

4 Distract with toys

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If your baby is occupied with something enjoyable, it will make your leaving less upsetting.

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