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Worms in babies: Signs and treatments

Photo Credit: BabyCenter

Worms are parasites that dwell in the intestines and feed on the child's food. One of the reasons for stomach soreness in children is a worm infection and because these illnesses are so common, it's important to understand the symptoms in other to help your child recover.

 Here are signs your child has a worm infection

1 Irritability

 2 Constant stomach issues

3 Bowel problems

Photo Credit: BabyCenter

4 Anxiety and restlessness

5 Bloating and gas

6 Constipation

While crawling and playing outside, babies and young children are likely to become infested with worms. The following are the most common factors that contribute to the development of worms in babies:

1 Contact with a contaminated surface.

2 ingesting tainted food or drink.

3 Lack of cleanliness or poor hygiene.

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4 Raw or undercooked food consumption.

5 Uncleaned Hands.

6 Contact with a person who has been infected.

If you suspect your child has a worm infection, your doctor can pinpoint the worm infection by performing the following test

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1 A stool sample is sent to a lab to be examined for the presence of worms or worm eggs.

2 The doctor looks underneath the baby's fingernails for worms or feces.

3 The existence of worm eggs on the baby's bottom can be checked with a cotton bud.

It is not difficult to get rid of worm infection. Anti-parasitic medications are commonly prescribed by pediatricians and the drugs are prescribed depending on the severity of the infection and they include;

Photo Credit: FirstCry

1 Mebendazole - It is the most effective treatment for a variety of worm infections in children.

2 Pyrantel is a safe drug for children that is frequently prescribed by doctors.

3 Albendazole Tablets - It can be given to children aged 13 to 24 months and it should not be given to children under the age of one year.

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