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Does High Sex Drive Affect Your Health?

According to Healthline", Many types of research, both new and old, point to the potentially harmful effects of spermicides on fetal development. Additionally, few reviews explore the harmful effects of heavy lubes and latex alternatives, so you should avoid them to play them safely. However, here is how coupling drive affects your health.

While a change in your interest and desire for intercourse may signal a medical problem or side effect, it’s not considered a red flag. If you consider your fertility levels too low, or too high, treatments are available.

What controls the copulation drive is a very complex intertwining of biological, psychological, and social-cultural influences. “All of that comes together to create the lovemaking drive. Some of it is not well understood, but we do know that certain ducks have to be in a row,” says Sharon J. Parish, MD, professor of medicine in clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. Fertility levels can be affected. Intercourse drive is often highest for males in the morning when testosterone levels are greatest this is why men often wake with an erection, a physical sign of fertility being high. Testosterone levels typically decrease throughout the day and are lowest late at night.

too much intercourse can cause exhaustion and fatigue, and long-term can affect the cardiovascular system, kidney function, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, orchitis, prostatitis, and many other diseases. In addition, having lovemaking with a high frequency can cause a decrease in coitus drive.

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