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3 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Not Take Moringa Roots and Flowers

Moringa has it benefits to the body but also has some of its disadvantages but many people tend to find it hard to recognize. Though it may not be significant in every one, it has been proven to be quite significant in the lives of pregnant women.

Moringa has overtime been used for a lot of things some of which are categorically known as being negative. Well in this article, I will be talking about 3 reasons why pregnant women should not take Moringa roots and flowers.

1. It Could Cause Damage to the Unborn Child

Research shows that taking moringa during pregnancy could cause an effect on the unborn child. This effect entails causing serious damage to the uterus which could cause the uterus to contract.

When this happens, there are high chances that it will have a noticeable bad effect on the health of the unborn child involved.

2. It could lead to Miscarriage

Traditionally in the past, Moringa roots, barks and flowers were things that were used by women to remove their babies. This is dangerous and is a negative attitude or habit to portray.

If you are pregnant and don't want to lose your baby, don't take any form of Moringa, be it the leaves, bark, flowers and roots. The leaves when taken before the first trimester may also lead to the same side effects.

3. It could hurt the woman

When a person mistakenly takes Moringa roots and flowers and it affects the baby, the mother will be affected as well. Some women have died during miscarriage and this is not a new thing.

So it is important that you watch out for your wife when she is pregnant so that she won't eat or drink things that could harm her even if they are natural.

Moringa is good for the body but not good for women when they are pregnant.


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