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Pregnancy period

Recommended Time To Have Sex When Trying To Get Pregnant

S£xual activity does not necessarily lead to pregnancy. For instance, the time of your s£xual activity influences whether you conceive.

According to the WebMD magazine, it's critical to time sexual activity as closely as possible to ovulation. Regular sex is the best course of action. Try doing it every day starting five days prior to your menstruation. Continue one day following ovulation.

You might also try to create a routine where you have s£x every other day without giving it any thought.

The male gamete meets egg approach is another option. Engage in sex every other day starting on the eighth day of your cycle. You should begin using an ovulation prediction kit on day 10 to ascertain when you will ovulate. Once your ovulation prediction kit has given you a good result, have s£x every day for three days.

If you don't become pregnant after six months, try to see a doctor. When you speak with a reproductive health expert, you can undergo a fertility workup.

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