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Lady Who Stayed Pregnant For 46 Years And 3 Other Most Unusual Pregnancies That Went Viral (Photos)

Pregnancy and childbearing bring joy to the family even as it is deemed painful and an unforgettable experience. However, there are some cases of pregnancy that are just too rare to be ignored. Below are four cases of unusual pregnancies that went viral.

1. The woman who has been pregnant for over 3 years

Sarah Holliday from Colorado was 40 years old when she made headlines after she was reported to have been pregnant for 3 years.

According to reports, Sarah became pregnant in July 2016 after experiencing nine miscarriages. In 2020, her unusual pregnancy made headlines and there haven't been many updates if she has put to birth. However, it's believed that she's suffering from a condition called cryptic pregnancy.

2. Man who gave birth to a baby girl

Rodrigo Bryan da Silva and his partner Carine Martins Ellen is a couple from Brazil who made headlines after Rodrigo got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl which they named Isabella.

The couple quickly became famous and gathered over 100 Instagram followers on their Instagram page. Rodrigo is now recognized in the world as one of the few transgender men that have successfully given birth to a child.

3. The woman who stayed pregnant for 46 years

Zahra Aboutalib from Morocco was 26 years old in 1955 when she got pregnant. However, she fled from the hospital when she was in labor after she saw a lady next to her who died during childbirth. Somehow, the labor pain stopped and she never went back to the hospital due to fear of losing her life while giving birth. She went on living her normal life with the baby inside her womb, and her 3 adopted children.

46 years passed and her labor pain suddenly returned when she was 75 years old, she was taken to the hospital by one of her adopted children and the doctors discovered that the fetus in her womb have evolved into some type of foreign object A.K.A stone baby. Fortunately, the fetus was successfully removed from her belly through an operation.

4. The woman who stayed pregnant for 60 years

Huang Yijun from China became pregnant at the age of 31 back in 1948. However, it turned out that she had an abdominal ectopic pregnancy which means that her egg was implanted outside her fallopian tube and her embryo was attached to organs in her abdomen.

She lived with the pregnancy for 60 years before giving birth to a stone baby at the age of 92.

A woman from Ethiopia, Hawa Adan also had a stone baby removed from her womb after carrying it for 13 years. Which of these unusual pregnancies looks more unusual to you? Don't forget to share.

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