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Pregnancy period

Pregnancy week by week: What to expect in the 25th week

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At week 25, you are in your 6th month of pregnancy and you are currently in your third trimester of pregnancy. Your baby is beginning to move more frequently and may respond to touch or sound at this point.

The baby is moving around a lot and sleeping a lot at this stage, which means the kid is healthy and doing well inside the womb. The fetus is small and has plenty of room to move around inside the uterus so it can try out numerous delivery positions before settling on the best one.

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Fetal development at week 25

1 Filling out

This week, your fetus's long and lean appearance will be replaced by baby fat. The wrinkled skin will continue to smooth out until the fetus starts to resemble a baby.

2 Hair starts sprouting

Your baby starts sprouting more hair and if you could see it, you would be able to tell the color and texture.

Changes in the mother at week 25

1 Thicker hair

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Your hair may appear fuller and shinier than they have in the past. It's not that you're developing more hair; it's just that the hair you'd typically lose is lingering around longer than usual due to hormone fluctuations. Take advantage of the fullness while you can because the excess hair will fall out when the baby is born.

2 Carpal tunnel

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Carpal tunnel syndrome causes a tingling sensation in the hands and wrists as a result of increased blood volume pressing on the nerves.

3 Snoring

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You may notice snoring because of an increase in blood flow to the mucous membranes which causes nasal congestion.

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