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Check Out What You Must Do To Your Children To Cause Them To Become Successful When They Grow Up

I have forgotten where I heard this said, but a child is born empty, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to fill the mind of the child with quality experiences that will cause him to become a valuable human being, contributing to the growth of humanity. One way you can do this is by enforcing discipline among your children.

You see, children are disobedient and naughty by default, and it is your job to show correct that naughtiness and disobedience. Faith Oyedepo said that if the ears of a child is not opened to discipline, iniquity will continue in his or her life.

I bet you have heard the story of the armed robber who was caught by the law enforcement agencies, and sentenced to death by firing squad. On the day of his execution, he asked to see his mother as a last wish. When his mother came to him, he asked to speak some words into her ears to prevent any other person from hearing. When the mother came close to hear what her son had to say, he bit off her ear! When confronted, he revealed that his mother did not stop him from engaging in the crime when he started as a little boy, and the loss of her ear was her punishment!

A lot of great men and women put the credit to their success on their parents and how much they disciplined them. Don't forget Ben Carson, the great neurosurgeon, who was forced to read two books a day by his mother. If his mother did not care that his grades were falling and she let him do whatever he wanted and watch too much TV, he wouldn't have turned out to be the great neurosurgeon that he eventually became.

My point is that as a parent, the success or failure of your children depends on you. Yes, the child has a role to play too, but it is your input that will inspire the child to do want to live in a way that will make him or her successful in the end. Be blessed.

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