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One Thing Some Men Do Daily That May Lead To Infertility

Some diseases we suffer could result from some unhealthy choices we make and call them lifestyle. Infertility can be caused by a number of things but one habit that may also lead to it which most men are ignorant of shall be discussed in this article.

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The reproductive organ of males unlike that of females is outside of the body and comprises of the urethra and the scrotum, a sac like structure housing the testes. In the testes, the sperm cells are produced.

These structures that make up the male reproductive system are placed outside of the body for a reason which is, the temperature of the body is often too high to be optimal for the production of sperm. Production of sperm requires an environment of relatively cooler temperature.

One thing most men do daily that may result to Infertility is regularly putting on tight boxers or briefs. This has been a normal habit for majority of our men, particularly young boys but here is fact that many are ignorant of.

The disadvantages of always putting on tight briefs cannot be omitted because, putting on a tight boxers or briefs would make the area of your genitalia warm being sealed always. It also pushes your genital structures to the wall of your body having it make direct contact with your skin. This may lead to an elevation in it's temperature. The same reason it was not made to be with the body wall in the first place.

The temperature of the male genitalia is constantly elevated, it could lead to a disruption in the sequence of sperm production and this, on the long run might lead to low sperm count which could cause infertility.

Always put on loosely fitted boxers and underwear. When there is a need for a tightly fitted underwear, it should be worn and removed immediately after the need is made and should not be made a day to day routine.

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