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How Parents Can Help Their Children Improve Their Prayer Life

It is quite unfortunate that our youths don't know how to pray any longer. Knowing fully well that everything should be done through prayers, they would either fall asleep or show no interest when they are being asked to pray. Some parents starting teaching their children how to pray early, but these children have grown into a different lifestyle. They cannot even decide to pray on their own and they seem dependent on their parent's prayers. However, here are 3 ways how parents can help their children improve their prayer life:

1. Lead By Example

As a parent, you need to be able to pray before you can ask your children to pray. In the morning, let them hear you praying loudly and clearly so that they can also be touched to pray. Let them see the hunger of prayer in you and let them understand that you are doing what you want them to do.

2. Pray For Them

It is not only about praying loudly, you should also put them in your prayers. There is nothing God cannot do in their lives if you have faith. Put your faith at work and ask God to touch their heart and change them.

3. Continue To Show Them, Love

Don't decide to change your attitude toward your children because they refuse to do what you want. Take your time and show them the love they deserve. God can use it to speak to them and change them. It is the Devil at work and instead of punishing them, then you can rebuke the Devil.

In conclusion, A prayerful child will make his parents happy. Just as Jesus Christ taught His disciples how to pray, we should also teach our children how to pray from a young age. They will improve with time. Let's have faith.

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