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How to choose safe toys for your toddlers

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Choosing a toy for your child is very important because you don't want your child to play with a toy that is not safe. The age recommendations for the toy are one of the most significant considerations because they will assist you in avoiding toys with small parts or those that offer a choking hazard for younger children. However, it can also assist you in avoiding purchasing a toy that will not hold your child's attention and will cause him to get easily frustrated.

How to choose a toy for your child

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1 Children under the age of three have a tendency for putting things in their mouths which is why toys intended for older children should be avoided since they may include small bits that could cause choking.

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2 Toys with small magnets, magnetic components, or loose magnets should be avoided because they can be ingested because if two magnets are swallowed together, they can induce an intestinal blockage or other major issues.

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3 Toys can be pulled, prodded, and twisted by children this age. Look for toys with well-made eyes, noses, and other parts that are securely fastened.

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4 Avoid marbles, balls, and games with balls that are less than 1.75 inches in diameter because these items can also cause choking in little toddlers.

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