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The 'Cry it out' method of sleeping: Benefits and side effects

The cry it out method (CIO) is a sleep training technique for babies in which they are allowed to cry for a set amount of time before being soothed by their parents. 

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CIO encompasses a wide range of techniques and is frequently misinterpreted as a method of allowing a baby to cry for as long as it takes before falling asleep. The objective of this position is to teach the infant to comfort herself to sleep when placed in bed without the presence of a parent.

Using the CIO approach does not imply that you are a "bad parent" for allowing your child to weep uncontrollably. 

Benefits of using CIO

1 Lesser stress on babies

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This method help decrease levels of cortisol also known as the stress hormone in newborns trained in the CIO method which helps them sleep better throughout the night with fewer or no interruptions.

2 It's good for the mental and emotional health of the parents

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This method also decreases the parents' stress level because it is discovered that not needing to get up several times during the night to comfort a crying child makes the parents less anxious as well. This enhances their mental health and motivates them to raise their children better.

3 Babies are more likely to fall asleep quickly.

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After about a week of training, kids will fall asleep within 15 minutes of being in their crib.

A side effect of CIO

1 It has the potential to harm the brain.

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Ignoring your baby's cries may cause damage to the brain's neurons which may lead to hypersensitivity as a result of trauma in the future because babies need to be stroked regularly and given a lot of attention and their neurological systems may be affected if they don't get it.

2 Could Have an Impact on Maternal Bonding

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Mothers must overcome their maternal tendencies to comfort their newborns in order to use the CIO tactics and this could weaken her confidence in her ability to properly raise her child as well as the love and bonding between mother and child.

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