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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Send Your Minor Female Child To The "Street" To Hawk

Parenthood is one of the most complicated and tasking positions anyone can be in life, because it naturally come with making tough and hard decisions almost on daily basis. At all levels, a parent has to do things that he/she would not ordinarily do; make sacrifices not for herself but for her child/children. At times, a parent can even starve for the child to eat, cry for the child to smile, experience discomfort for the child to be comfortable in every possible way. No one can understand the intricacies of parenting aside the one who is directly involved.

Although Parenthood covers both a father and a mother, this post will be focusing on the mothers because of the fact that they are most times more closer and accessible to the children than the fathers. It is a known fact that more often than not, it is the mother who makes certain decisions that relate to the children when the man is inevitably unavailable due to his involvement in activities that would make him to be up and doing in meeting up to his responsibilities in the family.

Among other tough decisions a mother makes on daily basis, is the one of sending her minor female child to the street (street here covers motor parks, bus stops, expressway etc) to hawk. The truth is, most mothers do not do it for the fun of it or just to punish the child involved. No, the primary reason is to make ends meet in the family.

Ordinarily, there is nothing wrong with a child assisting the mother the little way she can in the aspect of hawking food items and other things, but there are dangers involved that surmount the benefits thereof which mothers should think through critically before sending their minor female children out to hawk for them, so as not to be penny wise and pound foolish.

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Below are some of them:

1. It exposes her to abuse.

Believe it or not, our society is no longer safe as it used to be. More often than not, we read and hear stories of how female minors are defiled by same male adults that are supposed to protect them. In the process of hawking, some of them can be abused by some male adults who may take advantage of their vulnerability while pretending to patronize them.

2. It exposes her to kidnapping.

A child can also be kidnapped by kidnappers in the course of hawking. Let's not forget that the children also hawk in the highways. Kidnappers can tactically persuade them inside their vehicles as they pretend to be customers.

3. It can lead to her involvement in serious accident.

We cannot erase the possibility of a child hawking getting involved in accident that can possibly take her life in the process. Reckless drivers are real. While trying to rush to sell to passengers in a vehicle, they can be crushed by another vehicle.

4. It can ruin her future dreams and goals in life.

Though not always, majority of the children that hawk their commodities do so during school hours when they are supposed to be in school to learn. Aside the fact that hawking can delay their time in rounding off their education when they ought to, some of them may get used to it to the extent of not finding education interesting anymore.

Apart from the above dangers associated with hawking, it can also affect the children psychologically as they grow up.

I know it is not easy to be a responsible mother to your children, most especially when there is little or no resources to cater for their needs but exposing them to societal dangers through hawking may cause more harm than good. You can look for a place to take a loan, start up a small business that can be managed in a shop. The kids can be assisting you in the shop after closing from school or during holidays periods. It is better than hawking.

May God crown your efforts with success as you strive so hard to provide the needs of your children.

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