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5 Ways you can raise your child/children as a single parent

Children with single parents tend to suffer psychologically because of the stigma of having just one parent. They tend to also fare poorly socially, and morally. A single parent might not necessarily have the time to spend with his/her children for many obvious reasons. Here are 5 ways you can raise your child(ren) as a single parent

1. Spend quality time

Quality time is creating useful and Long Lasting memories. "Quality time" doesn't necessarily mean "quantity time", quality time is creating useful and long-lasting memories. If you are a very busy parent you can create a routine structure, such as regularly scheduled meals, bedtime stories and occasional weekend outings.

2. Reassurance of love

Reassurance of love is the things you say or do to help someone stop worrying about some things. The sense of being responsible for their parent's situation can make them feel insecure. Constantly getting frustrated and upset can easily make them feel at fault, it is useful to turn this around. Let them know how privileged you are to have them, demonstrate this by your words and actions.

3. Set limits with love

The guilt's of being a single parent should not make you allow your child(ren) have their way all the time there should be well-structured boundaries, providing each and everything they need will teach them a lack of contentment.

4. Keep the lines of communicating openly

The role of communication can be under-emphasized. Ask questions, if necessary ask them to evaluate how you are to them give room for their suggestions. Effective communication makes children feel loved and valued.

5. Create a prayer schedule

create a prayer routine with your child(ren) and ensure they stick to it, teach them how to pray. It is often said that the greatest way to express love towards a person is to pray for them Secure their present and future in prayers. Take out time daily to speak positive words about your children to God.

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