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Here are 5 foods mothers should eat after childbirth to boost milk production

After every successful child delivery comes joy and celebration. The new mother is usually congratulated and pampered by her husband, friends, well wishers and relatives. The mother-in-law or her own mother will come around to take care of her and the new born baby. In Nigeria,this postpartum period is called 'omugwo' in Igboland, 'ojojo omo tuntun' in Yoruba land while Hausas refer to it as 'wanka n jego'.

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During this period, the new mother is sure to receive the pampering she deserves as everything will be done for her including serving of delicious meals that will make her uterus contract back to normal quickly and also promotes adequate breastmilk production.

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In this article, we will show you some foods that are good for mothers' postpartum recovery and the supply of sufficient breastmilk.

1. Ji mmiri oku (yam pepper soup)

This is the meal given to new mothers in Igboland during 'omugwo'. It is a special delicacy made with yam. It is very spicy because of the active peperish ingredients in it such as 'uda' seeds or negro pepper. Studies revealed that uda promotes milk production and is also good for womb contraction.

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2. Pap

Pap is a water based drink which will make the mother produce more milk. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals for both the mother's recovery and child development.

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3. Ofada rice

Ofada rice is embedded with essential vitamins and minerals needed by both mother and baby.

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4. Milk

Milk is a good drink for breastmilk production because it is rich in nutrients and also contains water.

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5. Kunu (millet drink)

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I believe you learn something here, you can add to this list by telling us a postpartum meal in your tribe. Thanks for reading. Follow us for more updates like.

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