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3 Mistakes Parents Should Avoid While Training Their Children.

There is no doubt that parents play a very important role in a child's life. This is because they are their first teachers and since children are very observant, it is what they learn from their parents that they showcase when they go to the outside world. However, some parents have jeopardized the lives and future of their children because they made mistakes while training them. Here are such mistakes parents shouldn't make.

1) Parents should avoid making serious life choices for their children : From choosing a career to getting married, parents should not influence the decisions of their children. They should only make suggestions for them. However, trying to force your children to accept your choice for them will only cause problems for your children and they may end up blaming you if things do not turn out well for them in future.

2) Don't be too rigid or flog your children excessively without making them your friends: It is good to chastise a child when he does wrong. However, many parents are so rigid to the extent that their children cannot seek advise from them. This is really wrong because your children will not be able to express their deepest thoughts to you or tell you what is going on in their lives. While correcting your children in love, also make sure that you become their best friend. Always create time for your children so that they will be able to open up to you.

3) Avoid comparing them with their friends or peers : Comparison reduces the self-esteem of a child. Comparing your child with his friends or mates will only make him or her unhappy and such a child may end up threading the wrong path. Learn to praise your children's success and correct their failures in love. Tell them they are the best and you are proud to have them.

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