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5 Things Every Boy Needs To Hear From His Parent

It's always better to have that experienced someone who gives you advise, not that learning on your own is s bad, but advises from older ones help save you time and keeps you from making mistakes that can be avoided. It's not enough to just give birth to children and only bother about feeding and clothing them. You should also worry about what goes into their heads.

Becoming a parent is never easy. It's gets even harder when the child is a boy. Male children can be a handful compared to female children. I this part of the world, parents mostly very easily resort to using disciplinary methods, which is quite effective I must confess. But sometimes, mere words can work magic in grooming children. Here are 5 of them that every boy needs to hear from his Mom

1. I Love You

We all know how loud actions are compared to words. However, take nothing away from words. As much as people like being shown love and affection, they like hearing it as well. Irrespective of how understandable and powerful this very point actually is, it is easily overlooked. Especially in this part of the world. But it is overly important for a teenage boy to hear, even if he doesn’t act like he needs it.

2. Show Respect

Courtesy demands that you show respect to everyone one, not just older people but the younger ones as well. Responsible Moms know the benefits of showing respect to others and they would always want their children to reap from those benefits. When you fail to show others respect. Children who As are disrespectful as very easiy segregated among their peers

3. The Smallest Appreciation Goes A Long Way

People like being appreciated a lot, and to be viewed as having or doing something that's worthy of praise feels even better. It's also an evident way of showing that you are paying attention, and value their contributions. Appreciating people, especially the ones that go out of their way to get things done for you.

4. A Sense Of Humor

Life is hard enough. Dont take life too seriously. Have fun when you can. Laughter as you may have already heard is the best medicine, and your conversations with your others, especially the ones you love, don't always need to be serious or too formal. Keep things light and fun as often as you can, share fun jokes. It's going to help keep you healthy, connected and bring you closer to loved ones. Remember, you only live once.

5. It’s OK to Cry

This particular advise can be a little sensitive, especially if your are the prideful kind of teenage boy. But life generally can be a cold world, with all the mishaps and unexpected developments in relationships or academics. All those can sometimes bring you down. It's ok to cry out when you are down. Don't always horde your problems in your chest. You can share with your loved ones. Remember, a problem shared, is a problem solved.

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