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2 Reasons Why Your Children Need Beans in Their Meals

There’s a need for us to start paying attention to the wellbeing of our children, starting from what they wear to what they eat, we can’t continue to take these things for granted, as it matters to who they eventually become. When paying attention to the wellbeing of your children, you should be intentional about their diet, and the kind of food that’s included in it, don’t just allow your children to eat whatever they see, it’s important that you plan everything out yourself.

One of the foods that’s very important for you to include in your children’s meals is beans, it’s a very important food that’s highly nutritious, it contains several nutrients that’s required for the growth and development of your children and even for maintain their normal health. I understand that much attention hasn’t been given to the importance of beans in recent times, and that explains why I’ve written this article to enlighten you on the reasons why you should include beans in your children’s meals.

In this article I will be showing you two reasons why your children need beans in their meals;

1.      For growth

This is the first reason why your children need beans in their meals, the main reason you’re feeding them is because you want them to grow and develop, and for them to adequately develop and grow in all the essential areas, they need protein. Beans is one of the major sources of plant protein, and this protein contained in beans is essential for growth and repair of worn-out tissues. It has also been discovered that plant protein is very important in brain development, especially in the production of neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the brain. So, if you would like to see your children grow properly, just like their peers, you will need to start Including beans in their meals.

2.      Gut Health

This is another reason why your children need beans in their meals, children are usually fond of putting anything they see into their mouth, they don’t consider the several germs or bacteria that might be present in it, and this explains why their gut is sometimes filled with bacteria. This is one of the benefits of eating beans, beans improve intestinal barrier functions that prevents deadly bacteria from entering their body through the gut. This barrier only allows beneficial bacteria to enter through the gut. So, if you would like to prevent your children against bacteria, you need to include beans in their meals.

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