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Pregnancy period

How to manage frequent urination during pregnancy

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Frequent urination occurs during pregnancy because the hormone hCG which increases blood flow to the woman's kidneys is up by 60%. While increased blood flow is one of the main causes of frequent urination, the developing uterus can also put pressure on the woman's bladder causing her to urinate more frequently.

Frequent urination often increases during the last three months of pregnancy because the baby grows in size and moves down into the mother's pelvis causing an increase in pressure.

How to manage frequent urination during pregnancy

1 Avoid diuretic beverages

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Diuretic beverages, such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks should be avoided. These will simply make you urinate more and make you go to the bathroom more frequently.

2 Kegel exercises

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Kegel exercises help to strengthen the urethra's muscles and develop control over the organ. As a result, you will have better control over your urinating. The workout should be done three times per day.

3 Leaning forward when urinating.

The frequency of trips you take to the bathroom may be reduced if you ensure that your bladder is empty each time you urinate. Leaning forward when urinating helps you ensure this.

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