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Pregnancy period

Methods To Avoid Getting Pregnant When Having Sex

Starting a family is a source of happiness for many married couples, but not all women want to go through pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancies are those that are carried to term despite not being desired.

To prevent unintended pregnancies, Healthline suggests the following natural and artificial methods:

1. Female condoms

According to healthline Condoms are effective at preventing both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Female condoms can be purchased over the counter or online, but should not be used with a male condom.

2. Contraceptive sponge

This is a basic over-the-counter method. The sponge is placed deep in the vagina and contains spermicide to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg.

3. Vaginal ring

This is an additional form of birth control that can be used to reduce the chances of becoming pregnant.

4. Implants

This is a medical procedure where a small rod is inserted into the woman's upper arm by a healthcare provider to prevent pregnancy.

5. Natural family planning methods

This option is often viewed as the superior choice due to societal norms. It involves tracking the menstrual cycle and avoiding sexual activity during the fertile phase. However, it is not a guaranteed method of pregnancy prevention.

These tips are important for all women to consider if they wish to avoid unintended pregnancies.

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