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Things that boost sperm quality and reduce low sperm count.

A lot of people are going through excruciating pains as a result of fertility challenges. We have seen cases where men commits suicide as a result of inability to get their wife pregnant so as to have a child of their own.

Here are natural fruits that can help boost sperm quality and count for a better procreation.

1.Banana: Banana is a popular fruits that contains vitamins such as vitamin A, B1 and C. Regular consumption of banana helps the body to produce healthier and stronger sperm cells, the count also depends on these vitamins. Banana contains a rare enzyme known as Bromelain which prevents inflammation and improves sperm quality and count.

2. Tiger nuts: Tiger nuts is a popular fruits among Nigeria's. In raw and grounded form tiger nuts has lots of vitamins that improves sperm quality and count. Ranging from vitamin C , B6 , Zinc , potassium and the list goes on. A regular intake of tiger nut and coconuts juice will rapidly improve sperm quality and count, and as well increases sexual drive in men and women.3. Asparagus: Asparagus is a vegetable that is high in vitamin C and has a number of positive effects on sperm. It fights free radicals as well as protect the testicular cells, paving way for better sperm counts, increased motility and sperm quality.

4. Dark Chocolate: It is loaded with amino acid named L-arginine HCL, which proven to contribute to higher sperm counts and volume. Eating dark Chocolate in a moderate quantity can improve sperm count and quality.

5. Spinach: Known as English water leave contains folic acid ,which is very important for healthy development of sperm. Leafy vegetables like spinach provides supplements like folic acid which reduces abnormal sperms in semen. Regular consumption of spinach increases chances of sperm penetration into the female egg. Boost sperm quality and reduces low sperm count.

6. Eggs: Are known to be very rich in protein, it's a healthy option to increase sperm count and quality. Eggs protect sperm from damaging free radicals and improves mobility. Nutrients in eggs has been proven to help in producing stronger and healthy sperm, and as well reduces low sperm count.

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