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Jaundice in new born babies

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Jaundice is a common, short-term illness that causes the skin and whites of a baby's eyes to turn yellow. New born jaundice is quite common and occurs when a baby's bilirubin level is too high. The good news is that infant jaundice usually fades away on its own when a baby's liver matures and the baby begins to feed, allowing bilirubin to flow through the body more easily.

Here are factors that cause jaundice in a baby

While the majority of babies experience moderate jaundice, some are at higher risk, such as:

1 Baby born prematurely

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2 Babies who lost a lot of weight soon after delivery or who experienced a lot of bruising or bleeding under the scalp as a result of labor and delivery

3 Babies that aren't latching on well due to a bad latch or a lack of milk supply.

How to treat jaundice in babies

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As a baby's liver matures, mild jaundice normally goes away on its own and babies will be able to move bilirubin through their bodies if they are fed frequently.  

However, if the case is very severe, phototherapy is a common and extremely effective treatment that employs light to help your baby's body break down bilirubin. Your infant will be placed on a special bed beneath a blue spectrum light while just wearing a diaper and special protective eyewear during phototherapy. You can also use a fiber-optic blanket to keep your infant warm.

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