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Pregnancy period

How to manage a short cervix during pregnancy

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The cervix shortens and gets softer throughout pregnancy in order to facilitate birth. Some women are born with a shorter cervix while some grew short during pregnancy. A short cervix can increase the risk of preterm labor and early birth during pregnancy

Here are ways to reduce the risk of preterm labor when you have a short cervix

1 Progesterone

Photo Credit: Medical News Today

Progesterone is a hormone that is used to avoid contractions and to keep a pregnancy going until it is fully developed. The hormone can be given as a weekly injection, a daily vaginal pill, or vaginal progesterone pessaries and It must be prescribed by a doctor.

2 Cervical pessary

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A cervical pessary is a synthetic band that helps to keep the cervix closed. This technique can help women with a short cervix avoid premature labor. This technique is available to women who have had one or more premature births, late miscarriages, or cervical surgery in the past and whose cervix is opening according to ultrasound.

3 Arabin pessary

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The Arabin pessary is another method for preventing preterm birth. It's a silicone ring that goes into the vaginal canal and keeps the cervix closed. The use of an Arabin pessary can raise the risk of infection so it should only be inserted by an obstetrician.

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