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3 Kinds Of Words A Mother Should Not Say To Her Children

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he grows up, he won't depart from it. There are certain words a mother should not say as she trains her children because what they say is very important. You should learn how to speak positively to the future of your children. It helps a lot. However, here are 3 kinds of words a mother should not say to her children:

1. Words Of Discouragement

A good mother is not expected to discourage her children irrespective of the situation on ground. She's expected to protect them and give them words of encouragement. Though things might be difficult, she must be able to always stand by children and make good decisions for them. She needs to keep pushing them forward and giving them the right advice.

2. Words Of Abuse

There should not be a reason why a woman should abuse her children. There is a massive difference between correction and abuse and mothers are expected to correct their children whenever they do something wrong. Spend more time correcting your children than abusing them. Some mothers are even guilty of causing their children and they use words like bastard, idiot on them. This is very wrong because mothers are meant to pray and bless their children and not to cause them.

3. Words Of Doom

A mother is also not expected to proclaim doom or death on any of her children. Irrespective love the situation. She is expected to speak good and positive words to her children. Even if the worst is going to happen, she's not supposed to speak doom to her children. There is power in the tongue and the words you say at times go a long way. We need to be careful about what we say as mothers to our children.

In conclusion, a mother should not say these words to her children. They are expected to build positivity and not negativity in the minds of their children. It goes a long way.

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