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Pregnancy period

3 Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage

The time of pregnancy is one of the most delicate periods in the life of every woman. This period is sacrosanct because two lives are involved here and any wrong lifestyle habit adopted by the mother can also affect the baby in the womb. That is why adequate knowledge about harmful practices to avoid during pregnancy is needed. Miscarriage during pregnancy occurs due to several reasons and one of them is the type of diet consumed. 

Certain foods should be avoided during pregnancy because there can cause abortion and damage the developing foetus. Some of such foods include; 

1. Pineapple

All women should lessen their intake of pineapple when pregnant. This is because they contain certain enzymes that alter the texture of the cervix which could induce premature contractions. This can result in miscarriage.

2. Papaya

If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, stop consuming unripe papaya. Unripe papaya contains a latex substance that may result in contractions of the uterus. Sometimes, papaya or papaya enzymes are proposed for alleviating indigestion, which is common during pregnancy. 

3. Unpasteurized milk

During pregnancy, it's not safe to drink raw (unpasteurized) milk or eat anything made with raw milk. This is because when milk is pasteurized, it's heated to a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria but when not heated, the bacteria present in it can affect a developing foetus in the womb when consumed. Some examples include yogurt, soft cheese, and ice cream, and it goes for milk from any animals including cows, sheep, and goats. 

All women should adhere to the tips of this article. 

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