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Pregnancy period

How your body changes after delivery

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During pregnancy, a woman undergoes a wide range of physical and mental changes all of which are unique to each woman.

Giving birth to a new child is a unique yet emotionally and physically draining experience. It necessitates sufficient care both during and after birth since the body undergoes a variety of changes as a result of hormonal imbalances. Women can be better prepared for childbirth if they are aware of these changes.

Here are some bodily changes after delivery

1 Hair changes

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Hair loss after delivery is common and this period can last up to a year or less. It is caused by a decline in estrogen levels which are high during pregnancy and gradually return to normal over time. These changes are perfectly natural and should not be cause for concern.

2 Bodyweight

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When the body form changes after pregnancy, the excess weight gained during pregnancy which is usually around 11 kilograms is gradually shed over the postpartum period. All of the additional water held during pregnancy, as well as extra water kept in the cells is excreted by the body.

3 Changes in the Abdomen

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The uterus is still partially constricted and hefty after delivery and it feels like a little spherical bump in the lower anterior belly. It will weigh only one ounce or two in around 6 weeks and will no longer be seen The unattractive dark line that most women develop on their belly during pregnancy known as linea nigra, will fade away in a few months.

4 Bowel and Urinary Issues

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Involuntary passing of pee is common in new moms due to severe straining of the bladder muscles, which only goes away as the bladder muscles become stronger. The food passing through your intestines may slow down during delivery, causing hemorrhoids, painful bowel movements, or constipation.

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