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Pregnancy period

How to manage an overdue pregnancy

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Most babies arrive between the 38th and 42nd weeks of pregnancy. Babies who don't come by week 42 are called late, or post-term. It can feel like an eternity when you're nearing the end of your pregnancy. The days seem to drag on and on especially when you're past your due date.

It's beneficial to discover methods to pass the time and keep comfortable during the final days of pregnancy if your baby is overdue. Some will divert your attention away from the untimely arrival of your child and others can assist you in becoming more prepared for the arrival of your baby.

Here are things to do if your baby is overdue

1 Keep yourself occupied

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It's natural to be worried as the days pass since your due date. Finding activities to occupy yourself and pass the time can be beneficial.

2 Prepare for the arrival of the baby

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The majority of new parents will admit that if there was anything they could have done to be better prepared for their child, they would have done it. So, if your baby is running late, take advantage of the extra time to be organized. You'll be grateful for the extra effort.

3 Induce labor

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There are natural ways to kickstart labor if you are uncomfortable and eager for your overdue baby's arrival. However, consult your doctor before attempting any of these treatments to ensure that they are safe.

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