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Pregnancy period

Why you have chest pain during pregnancy

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Chest pain is a common occurrence during pregnancy. Chest pain in the early stages of pregnancy is a reflection of the body's fast changes. In addition to the physical changes, changes in your lifestyle may cause chest pain when you're pregnant.

Understanding why chest pain occurs during pregnancy is very important because it helps you prepare ahead for it.

Here are reasons why chest pain occur during pregnancy

1 Indigestion

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Indigestion is the most common cause of chest pain. Indigestion causes oesophageal injury either directly or indirectly resulting in an oesophageal spasm which causes chest pain.

2 Gallstones

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Pregnant women are more prone to this illness due to the increased synthesis of estrogen during pregnancy so if you've been feeling pain in your chest and upper right abdomen recently you might have gallstones.

3 Increase in breast size

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As the pregnancy progresses, the breast size begins to change and these changes can cause strain in the muscles and joints of the chest wall which causes discomfort as well as shortness of breath.

4 Heartburn

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Due to an increase in progesterone during pregnancy, stomach acid can rise into the esophagus causing a great deal of discomfort and chest pain.

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