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Parents, 3 Things You Should Never Force Your Children To Do

Some parents are bound to force their children to do certain things. As long as these things are positive and correlate with the interest of the child, there is no problem. But when these things are detrimental to the behaviour and mindset of the child, then there might be repercussions.

3 Things Never To Force Your Children To Do.

1. Lying Especially On One's Behalf.

Some parents are in the habit of delegating their children to lie on their behalf. For example, a parent telling their young child to lie to the landlord or the neighbour they owe money to that they are not around.

Apart from indirectly teaching the child that lying is not bad, it could also backfire against the parent later on. Therefore, as parents, do not force your children to lie on your behalf.

2. Choosing A Job|Career.

Everyone has their passions and interests. They have their likes and dislikes. If your child shows an interest in music or even engineering at a young age, it won't be reasonable to force your choice of career on the child later in the future.

Unfortunately, some parents do this. Their children end up studying a course they have no interest in just to impress their parents. The truth is; we are much happier doing what we love than doing what we were forced to do.

3. Forcing Them To Behave In A Particular Way.

As humans, we all have different personalities. The 2 major character traits are divided into; introversion and extroversion. An introverted child values his or her personal space occasionally. Such a child should not be forced to become extroverted. In the same vein, an extroverted child should also not be forced to become quiet.

When a child is forced to behave in a particular way, he or she loses their identity and starts behaving like someone else. Such a child might also lose their confidence and self-esteem.

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