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4 Foods That Help You To Heal And Recover Faster After Childbirth/Labor

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy for nine(9) months requires all pregnant women to know and regulate their nutrition needs in other to promote both their health and their baby's. But after childbirth, your diets are just as important, especially to facilitate a fast healing and recovering process.

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The majority of women undergoes many transformations that range from weight gain to belly expansion to musculoskeletal changes to other visual and internal changes during pregnancy. And after childbirth, the changes that occurred during pregnancy may either become pronounced or remain permanent while the other changes disappear.

Pronounced changes after childbirth may be extra weight gain, reproductive organ changes(usually tearing), stretch marks, varicose vein, bust enlargement, body aches, constipation, and so on which may be uncomfortable for the mother.

To this effect, new mothers or women who wish to heal and recover (their old body) after childbirth should pay attention to the foods listed below.

1. Oatmeals with fruits

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Childbirth often comes with side effects such as constipation, hemorrhage, wear and tear that come with lots of pain. Oatmeal is one of the best meals to consume after delivery due to its nutrients contents such as magnesium, zinc, fiber, and iron. These nutrients can reduce childbirth side effects. Its galactagogue content can also boost breastmilk production in the body.

Oatmeals combined with fruits are recommended to be taken as regular breakfast during the first month of delivery.

2. Proteins

Proteins such as beans, soy products, lean meats, and eggs contain nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin E, iron, vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids that lower the risks of childbirth side effects like constipation, anemia, and hemorrhage.

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Omega-3 fatty acids found in eggs can also help in preventing postpartum depression and boosting the brain.

3. Dates

Experience shows that during childbirth, some women often lose a large amount of blood due to uterus expansion, hence, oxytocin is usually given to prevent excessive postpartum bleeding by contracting the uterus.

Image source: Health Magazine

However, studies show that eating dates immediately after delivery can significantly reduce blood loss and hemorrhaging than oxytocin does.

4. Salted crackers

In the process of delivery, lots of energy is usually lost and after which excessive sweating may be experienced due to hormonal fluctuation.

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However, crackers has been found to be beneficial in building back energy and reducing hormonal fluctuation.

Nonetheless, for your health safety, it's advised to limit or stay away from alcohol, caffeinated foods/drinks, processed foods, junk, and diets that contain saturated fats to prevent health complications.

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