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Healthy foods to include in your toddler's diet

Eating correctly is crucial for your developing child since it helps him acquire energy, maintain a healthy weight, and develop excellent eating habits. When it comes to feeding toddlers, It is all about pandering to their whims. 

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You can involve your child in grocery shopping, work together on food presentation, cut intriguing shapes and sizes, and include colorful veggies in his meals to encourage him to consume healthy foods.

Here are healthy food ideas to include in your toddler's diet

1 Banana

Photo Credit: Medical news today

Bananas are high in carbs and fiber which provide long-lasting energy, with fiber maintaining a healthy digestive system. They are great foods for toddlers because they come in their own easy-to-peel package. If you're offering bananas to small children make sure they are ripe and soft.

2 Eggs

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Eggs are high in nutrients that are essential for development. The yolk contains choline which is essential for brain development while the egg white is rich in protein.

3 Yogurt

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Yogurt provides calcium, protein, and phosphorus to your child all of which are essential for strong bones and teeth. It also contains probiotics which are beneficial bacteria that help with digestion and immune system support.

4 Fish

Photo Credit: Healthline

 Fatty fish such as salmon are high in fat-soluble vitamins and vital fats which help with brain development, eye health, and immune system function.

5 Peas

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Peas are high in vitamin K which is a substance that combines with calcium to help create strong bones. They are also high in dietary fiber which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

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