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How to stop breastfeeding a baby

Breast milk is without a doubt one of the most important sources of nutrition for your baby but there comes a time when you must transition from breast milk to other sources of nutrition because once your baby reaches the age of six months, your milk will not be enough to provide your baby with all of the essential nutrients required for optimum growth.

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However, when your baby is 6 months old, breast milk should still be the most important source of nutrition coupled with external sources of nutrition. You can start weaning your baby when he or she reaches the age of one.

How to stop breastfeeding

1 Include formula milk to your baby's diet

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If you want to wean your kid, you'll need to find other ways to satisfy his or her hunger and formula milk is the second option that comes closest to breast milk. You should make the move gently by replacing one feed at a time then gradually replacing the remaining feeds. Formula milk is heavier than breast milk so it makes your infant feel fuller for longer periods.

2 Distract with an activity

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Sometimes, your baby may not feed on your breast because he is hungry, but because he simply needs your company. However, if you're trying to wean, don't offer your breast for comfort rather try to divert your baby's attention by engaging him in an activity that he enjoys.

3 Introduce your baby to solid foods

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By six months of age, your baby will be ready for solid food so try to give your baby some solid food. Start with gooey, soft, and smooth textured food, such as milk-based foods, to make the transition process go more smoothly.

4 Provide a pacifier

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Babies are born with a natural sucking instinct and it may take them some time to overcome it which makes newborns occasionally feel the urge to suckle not out of hunger but to satisfy this need. You can, however, use a pacifier instead if you're weaning your child off.

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