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Pregnancy period

Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Consume Black Velvet Tamarind

We have gathered in this interesting article, a few reasons why pregnant woman may need to consume this delicious fruit,' 'Black Velvet Tamarind' commonly found in Nigerian market this season, according to Masala Monk.

Take a look;

Rich In Essential Nutrients

During pregnancy, the daily need for iron is 27mg, niacin is 18mg, and fiber is 28g, so with the consumption of 1 cup of tamarind during pregnancy, a pregnant woman can get 3.36mg of iron, 2.3 mg of niacin, 6.1g of dietary fiber along with minerals and vitamins.

This is because, tamarind is a potent source of polyphenols, flavonoids, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, C, K, and several minerals.

Controls Weight Gain

This delicious fruit has zero cholesterol, zero saturated fats, and minimal fat content, this inturn keep your weight gain in check.

Reduces Morning Sickness

One of the importance of tamarind during pregnancy is that it reduces the feeling of nausea, vomiting, or morning sickness, as its laxative effect on the stomach helps curb the nauseous feelings

Photo Credit: Health Slots

You can add tamarind pulp in drinks, curries, or lemonade for a refreshing flavor.

Controls Blood Pressure

Women with a family history of hypertension can suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy. Thus, a proper nutritional diet is essential to prevent or control spikes in blood pressure.

This is to say that, tamarind contains potassium that helps in controlling high blood pressure in pregnancy.

Helps in Fetal Development

Tamarind is a good source of niacin or vitamin B3 & 4, which in turn fulfills up to 10% of the body’s daily nutritional needs during pregnancy. It is also essential for the healthy development of the fetal nervous system.

Moreover, tamarind is full of several micronutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium, and proteins, which are helpful in strengthening bones, boosting immune functions, and regulating blood pressure.

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