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Foods Breastfeeding Mothers can Consume to Increase Breast Milk Supply.

Breastfeeding mothers are mostly concerned about the amount of breast milk that they give to their new born babies daily, but often forget to examine the kind of foods to eat while breastfeeding so as to increase milk supply. And so, this article focuses on the foods breastfeeding mothers can consume to increase milk supply and the side effects of not giving a newborn baby breast milk.

According to, the amount of milk that is usually produced by breastfeeding mothers is dependent on the number of calories they consume in a day, and therefore a breastfeeding mother often feels hungry.

However, not breastfeeding your newborn baby leads to several complications for both the mother and the baby. According to, when infants are not receiving breast milk, they are usually exposed to increased infections, pneumonia, childhood obesity, leukemia, etc.

Among premature infants, not receiving breast milk can lead to increased risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, while mothers who fail to breastfeed their newborn babies end up with increased incidence of premenopausal breast cancer, ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

And so, of foods breastfeeding mothers can consume to increase breast milk include;

1. Lean meat and poultry; According to, lean meat, pork and poultry are top sources of iron, and getting enough of iron promotes a more robust supply of breast milk.

2. Garlic; According to, garlic is very nutritious and is believed to be a galactogegue, which helps breastfeeding mothers to make more breast milk. Although garlic has a strong odor, infants like the taste and studies have shown that garlic flavoured milk helps in keeping breastfed babies nursing longer.

Also, according to, garlic has natural compound that enters a mother's milk and strengthen the baby's immune system.

3. Dark leafy vegetables; According to, dark green vegetables such as lettuce, kale, spinach and broccoli are full of nutrients, especially calcium. Dark leafy vegetables also contain phytoestrogens that may have a positive effect on breast milk production.

According to, dark leafy vegetables contain phytoestrogens which have shown to have a positive effect on milk production.

4. Whole grains; According to, whole grains contain lots of nutrients for breastfeeding mothers. They are believed to have properties that support the hormones responsible for the production of breast milk. Grains like oatmeal, barley, whole grains brown can help increase breast milk in nursing mothers.

According to, whole grains is a source of iron and low levels of the mineral are known to inhibit milk supply.

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