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Prevent Your Children From Doing These 3 Things To Avoid Eyes Problem

It is becoming rampant to see children, teenagers, and young adults using lens recently as a result of eyes problem and sometimes parents don't know the cause of these problems.

In severe cases, some children cannot see properly without their lens while some find it hard to do without their lens probably because of some unhealthy habits to their eyes that they have developed over the years. Using lens is not bad or ugly but it can be prevented.

Parent sometimes may be the cause of these problems if they do not correct their children or if they overlook those unhealthy act before it turns to an habit. These eyes problems can be of various types such as shortsightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism.

But in this article you'll be enlightened on what to caution your children from doing in other to keep a healthy eyes.

1. Night Reading

Reading helps to children learn and improves their educational knowledge but if your children are reading with dim lights, they tend to strain their eyes which is unhealthy so stop them or give them a well-illuminated light.

2. Lack of adequate sleep

A good sleeping hour is very good for children as it helps their brain to keep calm and refreshed hence, it enhance them to be productive at school.Hence, make sure your children sleep at least 8 hour a day and let them go to bed early. Don't hesitate to stop your children from watching late night films, it's unhealthy for the eyes.

3. Using phones at night

Children are fond of playing games and doing lots of things with phones or laptops which is not bad but doing it at night might risk their eyes health and need to be stopped. Make sure they do whatever they want to do with their phones or laptops during the day and also ensure that they don't spend much time starring at their phones as it may damage their eyes overtime.

Many of these things may result to headaches, itching, pain, and diseases like myopia, hyperopia, and more. This advice is not only for parents to their children but also for parents who have been engaging in these unhealthy acts.

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