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3 Types Of Children Toys All Parents Should Ban From Their Homes.

These days, most parents make the mistake of buying toys that could stir their children's imagination. Although most of these toys may look innocent, childish, playful and suitable to be called kid's toys, they can as well cause some certain physical and psychological harm to kids.

In most cases, its already too late before some parents find out about the trauma these toys caused their kids. In this article, I'm going to be talking about 3 types of toys all parents should ban from their homes. See them below;

Toy guns. 

Research has proven that kids who are exposed to toy guns from a young age are more prone to violent and criminal activities when they get older. The more your kids keep playing with toy guns and firearms, the more they keep fantasizing about doing it with real guns.

One day, those fake weapons they're using to play might become the real thing. So when buying toys for your little kids, avoid buying toy guns. It doesn't matter if its bubbles, water or plastic bullets coming out, its still dangerous for your kid's mental health.

Noisy toys. 

Most toys are can be very loud and noisy when being handled by children. These loud plastic toys can cause a lot of discomfort to both parents of the child as well as neighbours. This kind of toys are very bad for children's health as well, it could destroy their ear lobes and ability to hear properly from a young age, especially when they play with it very often.

Plastic knives and swords. 

Seriously, parents who purchase these kind of toys for their kids are definitely not normal. When a kid starts playing or fighting other children with plastic swords from a young age, it would surely affect their mental health in a negative way. Some may start fantasizing about using the real sword or knives to kill someone who offended or bully them at school. Buying these toy swords for a child is extremely dangerous.

Final words.

Parents should make their children's mental health their number 1 priority, not only their physical health. Most people end up being kidnappers, armed robbers, killers and others due to the kind of toys their parents bought for them during their childhood. Parents please be warned.

What do you think about these toys? Please comment your thoughts and share to others.

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